Welcome to your new home.

A place to create, a place to express yourself, a place to eat. A place to feed both your brain and stomach.

This is Food&Code, starting as a workshop, ending as an exhibition, always mixing digital art and cooking. You learn in the morning, you create in the afternoon, you exhibit by the evening. Simple enough right? This combo and its success is meant as a celebration of what can be accomplished in a day when you forget to check if what you’re doing is right, wise or possible.

What is the recipe you ask me? Food&Code (F&C) F&C is two bullets for one gun: one straight to the guts with food to touch, mix and taste; the other straight to the brain with code to imagine, mix and expose. F&C is the reunion of both, food & code -meant to be mixed- and body & mind -should never have been separated-.

Through the course of this event, we hope to awaken a few minds to their creative possibilities and offer exploratory art to onlookers. Part of the sliminess of the process is mirrored in the conception of F&C. Often changing, always tasty.