About Food&Code

Once upon a time...

Food&Code started as a one shot event, organised by Jeremie Cortial and Roman Miletitch. Mixing the pop and slimy of the former with the code and crazy of the later, the spirit of F&C emerged through a collaboration on another project: Flippaper. Disapointed with the coldness often associated with digital art or at least coding, curious about how other people would approach this field, we took the metaphore of cooking and its associated messiness (for us!) to ease the creative process. The result is an event where good food and digital experimentations mix together, an occasion to release both creativities and individualities.

For now, you can contact us by mail (roman@opentechschool.org), or through facebook (or any other social media you can find in the top menu bar).

We’re always eager to share and discuss new ideas. Don’t hesitate to drop us a word, even if it’s just to say hello!