Okokokonomiyaki - Lyon, 2014

The second coming

Back by popular request (thanks mom!), Food&Code rises from the BBQ ashes and comes back to life to feed on idea and yumminess. The routine is already there, accustoming your palate to the flavour of Processing in the morning, using your newly acquired skills in the afternoon to create mad madness and hide it under the tag of “experimental art” and then not getting full of yourself when you’re told “whaaaat, you did that in one day?!” during the exhibition.

But F&C wouldn’t be what it is without the food. We stay in the land of the rising sun, with something less expected: japanese cabbage pancakes, okonomiyaki. Delicious. To kill for. No injuries reported.

As always, our trusty street food stand was there, augmented by our kittens during the day. Both code and okonomiyaki grilled on the plancha and serve hot, mixed with some sound from Arthur Buclier.

So much to see, so much to eat, so much to hear. Mind over-cooked.