MotherBoard Russia - Brussels, 2016

Cold cooling for hot springs

Let’s take the plane, let’s cross the border, let’s forget home and build a new one… It was high time for F&C to leave Lyon and start exploring new cities. On the map this time, Brussels. And what is Brussels famous for? Russian food of course.

Brussels, STOCK72, art gallery in Julie’s flat. All is ready for pelmenis (russian ravioli) to boil, and idea to heat up bits by bits. Our amazing students went past and beyond to share what they had on their heart and their keyboard. Sausage rap with lyrics that appears when you actually slam two sausages together? Check. Cute pictures of cats on random demand? Check. Primitive symbolical art reacting to the user? Check. And as toppings, the first sighting of UltraSex DJ/VJ duo high on synthwave and motion capture.