Curious of the Food&Code Workshop?

You're in the right place.

TL;DR Food&Code is a digital art hackathon with food as a favored (but not imposed) topic. Learn and create during the day. Expose in the evening what you just created.

So yeah, Food&Code: workshop during the day then exhibition/party. If you’re here, it means you’re particularly interested in the workshop and my job now is to give you a bit more info. First of all, this workshops is about digital arts. Not the photoshop kind of digital art, the creative coding (programming) kind of digital arts, where you use your computer and its inner mechanism as your medium of expression. As topping, our main direction is food/cooking. Why food? Well, for numerous reasons better explained here. In short, we aim at breaking the sacred vision of art, and the cold vision of code. Food as vector of cooking and eating embodies the idea of sharing, of improvisation, of messiness and unpredictable result. It’s something fun to enjoy, no matter your skills in cooking or tasting. Creating should always be like that, no matter the medium in use.

This means for instance that we don’t have an entry level for your workshop. Utter beginners are welcomed and even our main target! The only requirement is a strong urge to create, to exprim one’s self. A strong (even if quiet!) personality is a plus, as well as an artistic sensibility, but none is required (especially that you might have both without realizing it…). You will be amazed at what you’ll be able to create in the most undervalued unit of time: the day. In the morning we’ll begin with an interactive and easy to follow home-made course where you’ll get a feel of the basics of creative coding. Then in the afternoon, with the help of our loving coaches, you will be free to create your own project with the aim to showcase it in the evening exhibition.

So, someone must have given you this link, and now you’re wondering about coming to our event. This website should be enough to give you a little idea of the spirit and what we try to aim. Let me just add one thing for now (yep, even this page is a work in progress…): we don’t expect any kind of skills, we actually like to start from zero. The only requirement for our kittens are a strong desire to create, to express one’s self. An artistic sensibility is a plus, but then again “artistic” sounds very pedantic. Let’s say a personal view about the world. All the rest flows from there. Don’t fret about the code and all the technicality, we’re here to make that happens smoothly.

Timeline wise, here is how it goes (modulo variations for each event)

  • 9:00 => 12:30 - Discovery, learning and inspiration
  • 12:30 => 14:00 - Cooking, eating, breathing, brainstorming
  • 14:00 => 19:00 - Creation
  • 19:00 => 19:30 - Finishing instalation of projects
  • 19:30 => 21:00 - Exhibition, food & drinks
  • 21:00 => ??:?? - We add some Music (Live, DJ set…) & dancing to the Exhibition

If you have anymore question and/or if you want to register to the workshop, please send us a mail at & (or connect with us on facebook).