Organising a Food&Code

Not as hard as one would expect.

So, curious on the inner mechanism of F&C? Eager to organise one on your own? You’re in the right place. While we’re accumulating docs on the side to document our work on F&C, we will over time clean them up and shae them with the world here. In the end, this will grow into a tutorial on how to organise a F&C from start to finish.

In the meanwhile, if you have questions, if you want to organise one, if you want one organised in your city… Be sure to contact us!

Preparing the event

  1. Find a Location, a Team, and a Date.
  2. Decide upon a Topic.
  3. Create the menu for the evening
  4. Find the music for the evening (Live, DJ, playlist…)
  5. Decide how you’ll sell the projects (USB key, silkscreens…)
  6. List and get all the gear needed for the workshop and evening (tables, chairs, sono, catering…)
  7. Start recruiting the kittens (i.e. the workshopers!)
  8. Communicate for the evening exhibition

Constrains for the location

  1. Timing - 8 am to 2 am
  2. Kitchen - Can we cook on site? What gear is there? (fridge, water, cookers..)
  3. Security - Will there be someone in charge present? Is there something specific we need to take care of? Is there any insurance needed?
  4. Price - How much does it cost? Can we sell food, alcohol and projects?
  5. Sound - Can we play heavy music by evening/night? Until when? At what volume?
  6. Space - What surface do we have? Do we have access to 2D/3D plans? How many people can we safely welcome?
  7. Gear - What gear is already on site? (Projection, sound, cooking, table/chairs…)
  8. Promotion - Will there be a default way to communicate beside what we do?